about blackwall

The Blackwall vision was born in a duck blind in Central Montana while shooting content for a major hunting company. Through conversation about a national marketing and sales campaign, in between calling teal to our spread, we realized there was a demand for local, professional-level content paired with applicable advertising concepts. Today, we're connecting with Montana business owners to help them grow and promote their products and services. Our collaborative experience will help you or your company compete in today's highly competitive and expanding national market. 


Born in the dreams and passion of being able to share stories and places in time that will never be seen again by the general public. Positioned in the geographically diverse landscape of Central Montana, Blackwall Agency sits right in the center of some of the best land in the world. From the towering and battered peaks of the rocky mountain front, to the barren badlands of the Missouri River Breaks, to the fabled Bears Paw mountains, to fertile lands of the Golden Triangle, Montana has it all.



Jerrin Uecker is a photographer and filmmaker living in Central Montana. He was first drawn into these amazing forms of storytelling because he wanted to be able to share all the amazing things he experienced while out in the wild with his family, friends, and even on his solo adventures. That still hasn't changed to this day. After graduating Jerrin worked for North 40 Outfitters as the branded content manager. Later he moved into an external contractor role to have the opportunity to work with and grow other local businesses. Jerrin is passionate about documenting Montana lifestyles to show the world all the amazing things that are right out our back doors.


Brooks enjoyed a true Montana childhood, immersed in rafting, backpacking and fishing in the summer, and snowboarding and pond hockey all winter. He was also lucky enough to be involved in agriculture growing up and is proud of his family's background, carrying the name of his grandparents and the ND Cowboy Hall of Fame-inducted Brooks Ranch. Having a love and talent for all sports, Brooks was introduced to CrossFit while still in high school and knew this was the platform that he wanted to use to help his the community.


At the young age of 19 years old, Brooks started CrossFit 406, one of the most successful strength and conditioning gyms in Montana. Coaching continues to be his passion, and he never grows tired of being a part of the life-changing experiences his members discover through health and fitness. In order to continue to grow and promote his business, he picked up a camera and started shooting photos within the gym community focusing much of his effort on refining the brand he built. Pairing this with current marketing strategies and the explosion of social media and web design, his gym has continued to flourish. His obsession with photography continued and bled into weekend recreation and another passion - duck hunting. This took his hobby and turned it into a profession, and he has had the opportunity to work closely with some of the waterfowl and hunting world's most trusted brands. Hunting and fishing in the great outdoors is what brought Jerrin and Brooks together.